Add an new page in WordPress

If you want to add a page , Then Please follow below given steps:

1. Add New Page :Add New Page option is available in admin panel >> Pages >> Add new Pages [1]
2. Enter title : Please enter Title of page i.e. About our organization .

3. Description / Page matter :[4] Please enter Page Body / Page matter / description here [4]
There are add media option for add media in page like image / video etc..
For format page body / matter In top Some are option(s) are available like Bold, italic , Text align, insert link, etc…
4. Featured image If you are creating a page like i.e. about us, then there are a featured image. If you are creating a page using about-us( for example ) page template, then you can set featured image[6].

Page Attribute : If you are adding a page then, you can use pre created page template ( like for ex. about-us, service, portfolio-2-columns etc… ) for use please select Template from page attribute section[5] if you will not select any page template, then default page template will be select automaticly.
In page attribute[6]section there are a dropdown parent also, If you are creating a child page of a page then you can select parent page according to your wish / work .

** When you will enter title in add new Team the default link will be show under title, if you want to edit that you can click on edit button [3] and can enter your customized link.

Add new page in WordPress

Add new page in WordPress

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