Getting started with Booking System & Rooms

Getting Started in WordPress for Booking option

For Booking option.

Create below given these pages.

Page Name Page template you should select Your website URL should be
room-details Room-details
room_report room_report
login Login Page
register Register
booking-details Booking Detailss
thankyou Thankyou



These are pages which you need to create on your site if you want to use the booking system and room details page in your Website. The first page is for room details and the other five are for booking system, otherwise, you will get 404 Error pages.

So at first please create above given all pages and then please start creating room in your theme.


Create a Room:

In Booking Schedule sections We will add a room(s).

as like below-given instructions.

Please go to wp-admin >> booking schedule >> booking schedule.

You will get a form like below given image.

fill that for add a room the instructions you can see on image.

In the below-given image for the select image, there are two options.

First is for room image: it will show on the front page( homepage ) room section and the rooms page( A page you will add with selecting room page template like room -2 column, room-3-column, etc.)

Second is the room detail page, which you added above the sixth point, So the second images will come only if you will add the room-details page in your website with selecting room-details page.






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