How to add new post in WordPress

For Add New Post, please follow below given steps :

1. Click on add New Post[1] option under Post in admin panel, after click you will get a form for add new Post.

2. In Open Form Please Enter Post title [2], Post Description [3] , Featured image[6] Post Category[4] ( For Filter Your Post(s) ), etc .

3. After set / Fill details please click on Publish [8] for get your Post live on your website.

**If you want to add and save only your Post(s), not want to publish , then please use save option[9], don’t use publish option.

** When you will enter title in add new Post the default link will be show under title, if you want to edit that you can click on edit button and can enter your customized link.

How to add new post in WordPress

How to add new post in WordPress

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When user leave a post, or we ( Administrator / Author ) add a post then that post will be show as below[10] given image. For Watch All Posts list :All Posts option is available in admin panel >> Posts >> All Posts [1]
From on hover on any Post , you will get below given option(s)[7]

1. Edit :If you will hover on any Post / Content in list, you will get edit option edit, by clicking on that you will be on edit Post, from there you can edit Post info like featured image, Post Link, Post title / name, Post matter / body etc…

2. Quick Edit : By Quick edit you can edit some most information(s) like Post Title , Status etc…

3. View : View Option is for view your Post. If you want to see Post with your matter like Title , Description etc… you can use this option.

4. Trash / delete : Trash option is use for delete Post(s).

Bulk Actions : [3 or 6] You have all Post[10] list in below given image , if you want to take bulk action on one or more then one Post, you can mark[5] and select Your bulk action like delete etc…

** If you want to add a new Post you can click on Add new Post option. [8]

** If you create many a Post(s), then in top there are filter option [4], Like By date, or there are text box also for search a Post, from list. ** If anyone comment on your post then number of comment will be show in list with highlighted [9]

All WordPress Post

All WordPress Post

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